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Nordic Powerboats at Semper Speed & Marine - Madera, Ca

Nordic Boats is committed to using the most advanced technology and progressive hull designs. We utilize revolutionary engineering and break through ideas in the performance boat industry daily. It is a commitment we've honored since 1962. We are dedicated to building the best boats with the speed, power and control in mind. Nordic Boats process and manufacturing techniques employ some of the most sophisticated procedures in the world?from our CNC Composite Shop to our innovative aerodynamic and hydrodynamic race testing. We offer Standard layup, race lay-up, Kevlar carbon fiber or vacuum bag lamination technology. Contact us to learn how these high-tech techniques come together to help Nordic Boats consistently build better and faster boats. All Nordic Boats are built with 100% Composite construction; closed cell foam coring, vinylester resins and all the finest materials. Composite construction translates into a stronger, lighter, faster, and more fuel efficient boat for your money.

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